Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Delilah Bunnybow

This morning I finished up a new painting called "Delilah Bunnybow". This one is a little bit different to my usual because I painted her on a thin (3mm thick) masonite wood panel rather than my usual canvas - just for a change! :) She's currently up for sale in my Etsy and eBay stores.

We put our Christmas tree up last night! A heap of the baubles have lost their strings from moving them from house to house, so it's looking a bit bare at the moment, but it's up none the less! At the moment we've got a green Xmas tree, but I really want one of those black ones - so I'm going to keep an eye out in the after Xmas sales.

I'm waiting on a print order at the moment, so as soon as it arrives I will post them straight to my stores. Sorry there's only a few prints left in there at the moment!

In the meantime, I've got some bargain original auctions finishing in the next few days: "Blue & Purple Fairy Mini", "Red & Orange Fairy Mini" and "Cherry Blossom Fairy".

It's 9:42pm now, so I'm going to get some painting in before bed. Goodnight!



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