Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I certainly did. We spent Christmas Eve and Day with Wade's Mum in Ballina. We ate SO much yummy food, opened heaps of great pressies, and watched lots of tv and movies because it rained the entire time. It was a nice relaxing weekend though.

I got spoilt! Here's just a few things I received this year:

Kat Von D's latest book: The Tattoo Chronicles! A book full of her journal entries from the last couple of years.

A dutch mini pancake/poffertjes maker! To make those little yummy clouds of joy!
Moxie Doll Avery as "Alice in Wonderland" - I LOVED her the minute I laid eyes on her! She reminds me a lot of the Alice I paint.

Jeans West "Savannah" Dress - so cute!

+ so many other nice things!

Also over Christmas, I reached 300 followers on Facebook! So I've drawn 2 random winners (through random.org). 1st prize is a signed art print - congratulations to Tegan Haberecht! and 2nd prize is a set of art postcards - congrats to Rhiannah Marshall!

We're back home now and art orders are running as usual. Wade's working today, so I'm actually trying to tidy up my studio area at the moment in preparation for the new year. There's bits of paper, paints and canvasses everywhere! So that's what I'll be doing today...


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