Friday, December 31, 2010


While I read everyone's New Years Eve plans on Facebook, I started to wonder exactly what it is I'm doing tonight...? We haven't made any plans because Wade's working tomorrow so we can't have a big night. Instead, I think we're just staying in, I'll cook dinner, we'll watch a movie, and I'll probably get some painting in!

I'm actually quite excited about getting some painting done because the last two days have been filled with lacquering, packing and sending off orders and getting Ariella's (my 2 y.o.) room organised - (we painted one wall in pink and white stripes today and I LOVE IT!). Then last night was spent at the Gold Coast catching up with some friends that were up on hols from Tasmania :)

So while I've had a brush in my hand most of the day, I haven't actually got any of MY art done! I'm looking forward to that tonight. I've had quite a few ideas spinning around in my head the past few days...

Wow, after today I'll be signing my art with 2011!


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