Friday, December 17, 2010

Xmas Preparations

This morning I pulled out all of my leftover Christmas wrap! Every year I get excited and buy NEW wrapping paper, ribbons and tags, and there's always heaps left over, so this year I'm doing the cheap/ecofriendly/simple thing and using the leftovers from other years. I usually have a colour theme - but this years theme is "Whatever Goes!"

As far as Christmas shopping goes - I've been picking up bits and pieces here and there and I was quite surprised this morning when I looked at what I've got so far - I'm nearly done! *Sqqueee!* Next week though I have to grab a few last minute presents, and get Ari's photo with Santa! :)

I purchased a couple of (my own) necklaces from Zazzle too, they have a deal at the moment for $20 off if you use the code: NEWPRODSZAZZ. That's $15.95 instead of $35.95! Bargain. I'm not sure whether to keep them for myself or give them as presents yet! :)

On the painting front, I'm still working on that "Hansel & Gretel" piece. It's really coming along, but it's still got quite a few hours of work until it's finished. I'm hoping to get it finished tonight though. There's also a few new prints in my store.

It's HOT here today! Stay cool!


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