Friday, January 21, 2011

"My Blue Ringed Friends" + New Mini Painting

I hope you are all feeling better than me. I've woken up today with a headcold :( sniffling and sneezing...

Yesterday I finished off a painting called "My Blue Ringed Friends". It features one of my most favourite creatures - the octopus. Blue Ringed Octopi are extrememly poisonous and are usually an unlikely friend, but this mermaid seems to be immune to their venom.

The original is currently on Etsy for $129 or on eBay for $135 (because eBay's fees are higher). You can now also buy the 5x10 print directly from me for only $12.99!

I also added another mini painting to my eBay store yesterday - she's called "Little White Flower Fairy". You can view her HERE (if she's still available).

The weekend is upon us! I'm hopefully going to be staying in and getting a lot of painting done. :)


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