Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Alice and The Puppy"

It's Saturday and it's a beautiful day outside! But...Wade's at work, and Ari is happy watching "My Little Pony the Movie" (which is the old skool version btw - so 80s!). So it looks like I should take the opportunity to stay in and paint!

Yesterday I finished "Alice and The Puppy" - the 10th (!) painting in my "Mini Alice" series. Well, they started out 'mini' - 8"x8" but the last couple I've done have required a bigger canvas, so now it's really just my "Alice in Wonderland" series. I've sold the rest of the original paintings in the series so far, so this is the only one available at the moment. Of course, you can still get all of the prints though if there's one that you particularly like.

Speaking of puppies, we really want a little pug puppy! We've decided that we'll wait until we have a bigger house though. At the moment 3 of us, and a cat, is enough in our little townhouse. :) Seriously how cute are they though!?



  1. My little Pony- she's not watching it on a VHS is she?!
    And yes pugs are very cute but just a word of warning- you have to be prepared to spend thousand and thousands on one! I have already spent around $2000 on Betty's medical bills (that's with a vet nurse discount!) and she's a 'fairly healthy pug' I've been told... and she's only 2.

    Perhaps look into a puggle- a pug x Jack russell- all the personality of a pug with less health issues :)

    And I love the new Alice painting- very cool!

  2. Hey Carly,
    Haha, no it's on the xbox hard drive. :) Very 2011.
    Thanks for the warning on the pugs. I've heard they have a lot of eye problems etc. That's crazy money you've spent on Betty! But of course it needs to be done.
    I've been looking at 'Jugs' also (haha, that sounds so wrong) Jack Russel x Pug and they're super cute as well!
    Thanks for the nice comments! :)


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