Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Auction and Sale Prints!

Last night we ended up going to Sunnybank because we had a Hoyts gift card to use (and Hoyts cinemas in QLD are few and far between). We had chinese for dinner, and then saw "No Strings Attached" - the new Ashton Kutcher/Natalie Portman movie. It was quite good! Wade really liked it, which he didn't think he would! It's pretty funny. It was nice having a night out - just us - but we missed Ari of course!

This morning I've put my original "Pretty In Pink" painting up for auction starting at just $10 - you can view the auction HERE.

I'm also going to be listing different sale prints from time to time - they are only on sale for a limited time - maybe 2 weeks at the most, and then they're back to full price. So grab them while they're cheap! :)

"Day of the Dead Princess"
"Naughty Cal"
"Alice and The Puppy"
"My Blue Ringed Friends"
"Cherry Blossom Fairy"

Today I'm working on a new "Alice in Wonderland" painting, and sketches for a new project that involves stamps! I'll tell you more about that later... ;)


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