Friday, February 18, 2011

"Princess Peppermint"

I painted "Princess Peppermint" about a month ago, thinking that I might put her aside so that I can hang her in a shop/cafe/gallery/art show sometime soon. But while she's been sitting here on my computer desk...I'm really loving her...and I've found myself wanting to share her. So I thought to hell with it, I'll post her up for sale, for everyone to see, and if she sells...well I'll just have to paint something else to put in a show!

To be honest I'm happy having her sit here for the time being. She's one of my faves so far.

Peppermint is probably one of my TOP flavours - no - probably my #1 favourite flavour - on a close par with chocolate. And when they're mixed together - there's nothing better. Especially if it also includes ice-cream. Choc-Mint Ice-Cream anyone!?

Here she is: "Princess Peppermint"

The original is $129 on eBay ($120 for Facebook Fans).

Prints (8x10) are $12.99.

Tonight I'm going to be painting a bit more of my latest "Alice" piece.

Happy Friday! :)


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