Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thinking of Valentines...

I've been starting to think about little Valentine's Day things to do with Ari, and I was looking at Martha Stewarts Valentine's ideas this morning - there's some really cute stuff to make! We'll probably look at doing something over the weekend while Wade (hubby) is at work.

Last night I added 2 new mini paintings to my eBay store - they are "Green Butterfly Fairy" and "My Crazy Pink Hair". They're at a fixed price of $29, so first in gets them :)

Today I've been painting a new "Alice in Wonderland" painting - it will be the 10th in the series! Here's a photo of just the sketching stage...can you guess what it is yet?

Tonight I've gotten out of making dinner! We're going to Mum & Dad's for a roast. Yum!


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