Monday, March 21, 2011


Phew! Just finished a ton of housework. The weekend was filled with having friends over, Wade (my husband) working both days, Ariella (my 2 y.o. daughter) had swimming lessons, visiting Mum & Dad, this morning when I dropped Ariella off at daycare and did some grocery shopping, I arrived home to a house that looked like a bomb had hit it! It really shouldn't come as a surprise, it usually looks this way. Anyway, it's now 12pm and I can finally sit down with crumpets, that are black (because I was multi-tasking, and my toaster isn't the top of the range. It cost $9.98 5 years ago ok?)...anyway...

If I was working outside of the home I would have to close the door on it and think about it later, but because I live where I work, it's really hard to concentrate on the task at hand when there's mountains of toys, laundry, dishes...I feel like if I get these things out of the way I can focus a lot better on painting. I'm sure most people who work-from-home feel this way - right? I look forward to getting a maid! Haha...

Another thing I did over the weekend was begin to list my NEW A3 art prints! These are so cool - double the size of my A4 prints! These are printed up to 12"x16".

I haven't listed them all yet, I will continue to list over the next couple of days. If there's a particular one you would like that I haven't listed yet, just contact me ( and make a request. :)

Today I'm going to be working on a couple of new paintings that I've got in the works...

I'll post pics soon. x



  1. You are not alone Jaz, I often feel I need to do the dishes, mop, vacuum, wash clothes, grocery shopping etc before i can get into the painting and find it hard to resist sometimes, most times, but finding that balance is important otherwise you will spend your whole day or week dedicated to housework.

  2. So true Tracey - it's all about balance!


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