Friday, March 25, 2011

"Pink and Yellow Polka Dot Fairy"


Today I've had Wade (my hubby) home sick from work (he's all sniffly) and of course Miss 2 is home today as well (she's absolutely fine and full of beans). So far I've prepared and sent out print orders, and the usual household stuff + groceries. I only went down to get milk and of course I spent at least $50 more on other miscellaneous items that I was SURE we needed over the weekend - crackers, dip, pizza, sugar free ice-cream know, the usual impluse buys necessities.

This afternoon I've just posted up a new mini painting of a little "Pink and Yellow Polka Dot Fairy". She's only $29 (as with all of my mini paintings) - it's the cheapest way to own a piece of my original art! :)

Well, it's Friday afternoon, so I expect everyone is HAPPY and of course, there will be no mention of Rebecca Black. Tonight, we're having an easy dinner (not sure what yet - maybe those oven pizzas? They say they're woodfired! haha), and I'm getting some painting done.


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