Thursday, March 31, 2011

So Lucky.

Well this morning I was a little bit naughty and with Ariella at daycare, I skipped out on my day of work and went to a movie with my Mum. We saw "Hall Pass", which was actually pretty funny! Very far fetched, and the acting was a little off at times, and if you can look past the really bad fake tans that most of the actors had (what was up with that?), then it was really quite good! I love Christina Applegate by the way, and she can do no wrong. All in all it was a great day. :)

Then tonight I also skipped out on some work because Wade & I got caught up watching this documentary called "The Toughest Place to be a Midwife" - it's about a British midwife who goes to Liberia, Africa to see what it's like to be a midwife there. really made me feel so incredibly lucky to have been born in Australia, and to have my family here. So so lucky.

Painting wise though - I'm currently working on a couple of new mini paintings...

My latest completed one is of a "Blue-Ringed Octopus Fairy" - the original is $29, and prints are also available.



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