Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kat's Magical Patches

I've got a new partnership to share with you all! :) I've licenced my artwork to Kat's Magical Patches Fabric Shoppe! This means you can now buy 'fabric blocks' with my artwork on it which can be used for making bags, purses, cushions...pretty much any crafty project you can think of!

Stay tuned because Kat's Magical Patches is also bringing out a new product line very soon that I'm also involved with. :)

Tonight I'm finishing up some mini commissioned paintings that I've been working on today.

Oh, and I bought Violet Crumble Ice-Cream...so I'll be eating that too.



  1. yay! :) Well done my friend. can ya send me some of that ice cream? :) -Vicki

  2. Thanks Tracey and Vicki! Yep, Vicki I'll send some through the post :P


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