Friday, May 6, 2011

"A Bird Friend Long Gone..."

This afternoon I finished off my latest painting "A Bird Friend Long Gone". It features an angelic girl with her long lost bird friend. There's something about bird skulls (or any animal skulls for that matter) that is so intriguing...

The original is $125 on eBay, and there are also prints available....

Click here for the 8x10 prints
Click here for the (BIG) 12x16 prints

Today I spent most of the day painting and running around after Miss 2. Needless to say the house is in quite a state! This Sunday is Mother's Day, so we've got Wade's Mum coming up to stay with us tomorrow. Before then I better go tidy up...

Happy Friday!


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  1. Beautiful piece! I love how the skull looks next to such a sweet character. It makes for a very interesting piece!


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