Monday, May 2, 2011

"Cancer (Zodiac Mermaid)" Painting

This afternoon I finished off a new zodiac painting. It was about time I did a 2nd one! My first one was "Scorpio" - about 9 months ago, and I was going to do them in order...but have now decided just to do them randomly. Mix them up a bit! So here's "Cancer". It features a beautiful pink haired mermaid wearing pearls (Cancer's gemstone). Beside her is a little crab friend (the symbol of Cancer), as well as a lotus flower (the starsign's lucky flower). In the background the Moon (Cancer's ruling planet) is shining brightly and if you look closely you can see the starsign's constellation in the sky...

The original painting is $139 (or $135 for Facebook Fans), and the prints are also available.

Today was a public holiday (Labour Day), so it was nice to have Hubby and Miss 2 at home, even though I painted most of the day. Hope you all had a nice long weekend!


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