Monday, May 16, 2011

"Hawaiian Fairy"

Today it was just hubby and I at home for the 1st time in a long time! Miss 2 was at Kindy and Wade was home sick. Now I feel like I'm getting sick too. I never used to get sick at all until Ariella started Kindy, and now she seems to bring everything home! Anyway - enough about that. The painting show must go on!

Today I finished a new painting called "Hawaiian Fairy". The initial idea came about because I'm entering it into a little competition which had the theme "Hawaiian". So - go figure. A Hawaiian fairy! It was either that, or a mermaid - which I think I'm itching to paint next...

The original is up in my eBay store for $199 (or $189 for Facebook Fans).

Of course, if the original is out of your budget, there are also prints available:

Click here for the A4 sized print
Click here for the A3 sized print

I think I might get an early-ish night tonight. I'm keen to finish a "Margeret Olley" biography I'm reading at the moment, but right now I'm painting...


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