Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Strawberry Butterfly Fairy"

It looks like I might be giving away a few art prints this afternoon on my Facebook page - I promised I would when I reached 400 likers and I'm currently at 399! :)

Last night I finished a new painting called "Strawberry Butterfly Fairy". There's lots of little details added into this one - she has big pink butterfly wings, as well as butterflies flying around her, strawberries, a little ladybug in there somewhere, and vintage style flowers in her hair.

The original is in my eBay store for $139 (or $129 for Facebook fans - just write a 'sold' comment HERE). There are also prints available:

Click here for the 8x10 print
Click here for the 12x16 (BIG!) print

I feel like I'm finally recovering from that headcold I had last week. It knocked me around for a while there. Today I'm going to be working on a couple of commissioned paintings and maybe even some more minis!


P.S. Don't forget my "Starry Night Mermaid" original painting is up for auction HERE! It finishes 27th of May at 8:13pm (AEST).

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