Thursday, May 26, 2011


I was happy to wake up this morning to over 400 likers on my Facebook page! Every time I reach another 100 fan milestone I have a draw and give away art prints to random fans. Today's winners are:

#400 Gypsy-Soul Threads
#91 Alice Peverill and
#191 Taay Habibii Lovelyalotz
(Picked via

If one of these names is yours - please send me an email to: with the address you would like your prints sent to. :)

Today Miss 2 was at Kindy, so I ventured out to get some more (big!) canvasses for a couple of commissioned paintings I've got in the works. By the time I got home and started laying down some layers of paint on one of them, it was time to go and pick her up! So at least I got a head start on them. I'll be working on them again tonight after dinner.

The next facebook draw will be at 500 fans!


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