Monday, June 27, 2011

65th Wedding Anniversary

We spent the weekend in Warwick celebrating my Grandparents 65th Wedding Anniversary. My Gran says the secret to a happy marriage is agreeing on money! I was surprised by that one. No, not true love, not finding your soul mate, you just have to agree on the finances. Haha - she did say it helps if you like eachother too.

I've worked out that Wade will be 92 and I'll be 91 on our 65th Wedding Anniversary. :)

Last night I worked on making a few changes to my website. I haven't published them yet, but I'm hoping to update it on the 1st of July...just a few new things like a commissions price list and wholesale information etc...

Today Miss 2 is at Kindy so I've got a few uninterrupted hours to throw myself into working on 2 commissioned fairy paintings that I'm painting for sisters! Cute!!!

You can see any of my available original paintings HERE on eBay or HERE on Etsy.


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