Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monthly Painters Challenge - May 2011 Entry

I'm part of a group called the Monthly Painters Challenge. It's where 6 artists are given a random theme to work on for the month and on the 15th we release our art for everyone to see! We also don't show eachother throughout the month, so it's a complete surprise to see what everyone comes up with. This month's theme was "Light". I tossed a few ideas around, and I kept coming back to the saying "light on her toes"...which of course made me think of a ballerina. I also thought about light things like feathers, ribbons and dandelions. The end result was "Dandelion Dancer"...

She is painted in acrylics on a stretched canvas (ready to hang straight on the wall), and the original is $59 on eBay (or $55 for Facebook Fans!).

I have Miss 2 home with me today, so we're keeping occupied with ABC Kids, doing puzzles and colouring in! I'm also working on that big commissioned painting I was talking about the other day. I'm hoping to get it finished this week. I'll be able to show you all pics once it's finished and has the clients approval. :) In the meantime, off to paint I go...



  1. Hi Jaz, I am very excited to be the 8th member of the Monthly Painting challenge! TY for accepting me :)
    I have begun a blog, having never blogged before that in itself was a challenge! Please go have a look.
    Cathryn Backer


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