Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Owl Angel"

If you're wondering what I've been up to all week, I've been lucky enough to work on a couple of fabulous new commissioned paintings. For some reason they always come in in groups. I'll have no commissioned work and then BAM! 3 at once! Not that I'm complaining of course!

I've also managed to get some work done on my entry for the Monthly Painters Challenge. It's super top secret for 3 more days so I can't share any pics just yet...

The weekend has flown by, but I managed to finish up a HOOT of a painting tonight (that one never gets old!). It's called "Owl Angel" - and it's got an Autumn/Wintery tone to it I suppose, which is appropriate here at the moment.

The original is up on eBay for $139 (or $129 for Facebook Fans). There are also prints available!

I'm so glad we have a long weekend this weekend - how is it already Sunday night!? So happy to have hubby home from work tomorrow. I might even make poffertjes for breakfast...mmm...


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