Friday, July 15, 2011

Monthly Painters Challenge - June 2011 Entry

This week I've been focusing on finishing my "Monthly Painters Challenge" piece. This month's theme was "RITUAL". The word immediately invoked images of tribal ceremonies, bamboo torches and witches casting spells by candlelight. I kept thinking, "Oh, I've got ages! I've got all month!" but of course, by the start of this week I realised I better get started! So I came up with the idea of creating a totem pole out of doll's heads. When I googled it, I came across this image:

(i need one of these in my backyard!)

and the inspiration grew from there. I started picturing a totem pole made from dolls heads of "big eyed" girls similar to the ones I usually paint. In the end, I came up with "Totem Dolls". The original is available on eBay, Facebook and Etsy and it's $110 (or nearest offer!).

For the next month, I must make sure I start early...because things always end up taking longer than expected, ideas change...etc. The rest of the girls have come up with some beautiful artwork also - so make sure to check it out! It's always interesting to see how each person interprets the one topic each month. I wonder what next months will be...?


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