Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Little Miss Muffet"

First of all - I would like to wish my little sister a very happy 21st birthday today! More celebrations to come...

Last night I finished off a nursery rhyme painting. It all started with a shopping trip to Coles. I was at the checkout (and bear in mind - this Coles is in a shopping centre) and as I was paying...this SPIDER came wandering over towards me. It wasn't a little spider either - it was quite big! It was pretty much the last thing I was expecting at the checkout. It was strange because I was like "Eeeek! A spider!!" and the checkout chick and the lady behind me seemed to think it was no big deal - it was like I was the only one who could see it. From then on I seemed to have 'Little Miss Muffet' pop up in my head over the next few days and it just kind of went from there. So here she is: my "Little Miss Muffet"

The original is $125 on eBay and Etsy (or $115 for Facebook fans).

Of course, there are prints available as well. They come in 2 sizes:

8x10 ($12.99)
12x16 ($23.99)

The great thing about these sizes is that you can find frames for them in just about any shop.

This afternoon I've got some commissioned work to do. Hope everyone is having a nice week so far!



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