Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ready for Red Fest

Today I've been getting 3 paintings lacquered and ready to hang at Red Fest this weekend. Red Fest (which used to be called The Strawberry Festival) has been a part of my life (pretty much for ever?) and so it's exciting to be able to hang my art in the little art competition that they're having. I'm taking "Pisces (Zodiac Mermaid)", "Frog Fairy" and "Princess Peppermint".

I also got some work done on a new angel painting...oh, and chased and played with and changed and fed Miss 2 of course. :)



  1. That's come up fast, I did not get a chance to enter. I love the Pisces piece, fantastic.

  2. Thanks Tracey! She sold at the show :)


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