Friday, September 2, 2011

"Skellyfish Mermaid"

This afternoon I finshed off a new mermaid painting. It's been a while since I did something a little 'darker' so for some reason or another - this little mermaid began to take shape - along with some skeleton fish, black coral and bubbles...

This one is called "My Skellyfish Friends"

The original is 35cm x 45cm x 1.5cm and it's up on eBay and Etsy for $129 (or only $120 for Facebook Fans).

There are also 2 sizes of prints available:


In other exciting news - I found DIET Vanilla Coke at Drink Depot! I'm not a huge soft drink fan, but I love Vanilla Coke, but don't want the calories - and let me tell you - DIET Vanilla Coke is as RARE as hen's teeth! It's so hard to find. So you can imagine my excitement when they were selling 24 for only $14.40! So excited.

It's now also Spring! My favourite season. Not too hot, not too cold - with the excitement of Summer and Christmas looming in the distance. Oh and a couple of special birthdays! :) 

Oh, and Father's Day is this weekend! How are you celebrating?



  1. Oh, she is so gorgeous! I love the unexpected twist of the skeletons with her sweet expression!

  2. It's a great painting Jaz, love it.


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