Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Sunflower Fairy"

Good morning!

Last night I finished a new painting called  "Sunflower Fairy". Amy (from Giggleberry Creations - who make beautiful bunting btw!) was tweeting how her and her daughter planted Sunflower seeds and from there the idea grew (pun intended). So here she is:

"Sunflower Fairy" 30cm x 30cm x 1.5cm - ready to hang on stretched canvas

The original is $129 on eBay (or $120 for Facebook Fans). There's also prints available in 2 sizes:


Today I'm getting a wholesale order (lots of prints!) ready to be sent out. Oh, and Miss 2 is home so that also means stopping every 2 seconds to get a drink, make food, fix a doll that has sticky tape stuck in her hair, clean up a spill, or pretend to be an Octonaut. You know, things like that.


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  1. She is so pretty and the perfect fairy for Spring time!! Glad our gardening helped inspire such a gorgeous creation :)


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