Tuesday, October 4, 2011

1 yr!

Hubby and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on Sunday! To celebrate we got away to the Gold Coast for the night (child free!). We had a nice dinner at Andiamo, had a look at the Casino (didn't win or lose a thing!), and around midnight when the night clubs were just starting to heat up - we went back to our hotel and watched a cheesy Jen Aniston movie and ate chocolate. haha. It's bliss to be able to have some uniterrupted time doing NOTHING! When was the last time you decided to do nothing?...

 We also saw 360 girls walk along the beach at Surfers Paradise and break a Guiness World Record for the World's largest bikini parade!

Today I've been running around picking up packaging supplies all around the place. Corrugated cardboard, bubblewrap, mailing tubes, packing tape etc, as well as boring stuff like going to the post office and grocery shopping. Oh, and why did I decide to take Miss 2 (nearly 3) with me? Can someone remind me?? Everything takes 5 times as long.

So now I'm back to working on those 1920 style commissioned paintings I've been painting over the last week. They're 3 big ones (60cm x 75cm) - and I'm nearly finished the 2nd one. I don't think I realised how much time they were going to take. Hours and hours have been poured into them so far. But...I'm really enjoying painting something a little different. I'll post pictures as soon as they're finished! :)



  1. Happy Anniversary. Can't believe it's already been a year!!

  2. Thanks ladies! I know Talia - how fast does it go!?

  3. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!
    It was suggested by two different sources (coming from PPF) that I check out your work as they knew I'd love it. They're right of course - your work is absolutely stunning - so full of color and whimsey!
    You are such a talent, so happy to "meet" you,
    Kristin xo

  4. BTW, It was Tracey and Tracey (Potter and King ;) xo


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