Monday, October 17, 2011

The baby is 3 & September's Monthly Painters Challenge

It's hard to believe, but my baby girl is 3! We spent the weekend celebrating her birthday, finishing with going to Sea World yesterday. We had a great time, but I'm keeping her home from Kindy today because she's not feeling well, and she seems to have a temperature. It was a big weekend and we're all feeling pretty tired.

On Saturday (the 15th) our Monthly Painters Challenge artworks were revealed for the month of September. The theme was "Dislike". It was a hard one because we all tend to paint things that make us feel good, or things that we like, so it took some thinking. Anyway - I ended up taking the obvious road and painting something that I dislike eating, and that's tomatoes! While I don't mind having them cooked in a soup, tomato sauce or on pasta or a pizza....I can't stand raw tomatoes in salads or sandwiches! I thought it might be something that I would grow out of, but I never have. I just can't stand the taste of them - even though I think they look nice. So here's my MPC piece for Sept:

"You say tomato? I say no thanks"

It's 5"x5" on a stretched canvas (the size of my mini fairy paintings) - so I've decided to offer it at the same set price of $30. You can buy the original HERE on eBay.

Today I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed - I've got a commissioned painting to finish before tomorrow. Deadlines for other paintings looming. An unwell baby. A house still decorated in "My Little Pony" style party decorations, and I'm quite tired from the weekend and being up every 4 hrs through the night giving Miss 3 panadol. After they start sleeping through the night, you forget how hard it is to be up at all hours!

Anyway - I guess I'll just take it one thing at at time today.

One thing I am excited about is I get to choose next month's painters challenge (secret) topic!

Hope you all had a good weekend.



  1. Jaz it is so awful when they aren't well... poor Ariella. Hope she bounces back soon and then you can get stuck into all that work... and setting our topic... please be kind and gentle with us x

  2. Thanks lovely! We took it easy today :) The topic is now out. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Jaz. Sorry to hear Ari not well but glad she enjoyed her bday. Brooklyn enjoyed her bday over weekend too. Have some pretty dresses and shoes to small for Brook I would love to get to you for Ari. lets make a time soon when you all feeling better. x Joanne

  4. OOh, your artwork is so fun! Looking forward to more visits!

  5. Hi Jaz! I'm glad you took the time to comment!I found your blog! I like blogs a lot...:)Joined your Twitter and FB page too! Your work is lovely so I'm pleased to show it!


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