Sunday, October 30, 2011

Good Things Come in Threes

Friday night some friends invited us to an art opening at the White Canvas Gallery, and even though I felt like crap (had a headcold) I was determined to take advantage of free baby sitting (thanks Mum and Dad!) and have a good night...and a good night it was! It was a group exhibition by 3 Sunshine Coast artists called "Explicitly Graphic". There were 4 lucky door prizes, and out of about say...100 tickets...I won an art print! But...even more amazingly...Wade ALSO won an art print!...and then our friend Tony also won an art print!!! We couldn't believe our luck. I'm sure the other people there thought it was rigged (I swear it wasn't!). It was quite amazing. The print I won was by the lovely Evangeline Cachinero. While I had heard of her "Art For My Rent" project I had never seen her art in person before, but I must say the way she works with mixed media is beautiful. 

Wade, Tone and Me. Yes - you read right - Wade's print says "Spank Me" - lol!

My print - "La EspaƱola" by Evangeline Cachinero

The rest of the weekend has gone so fast, I've been working on some commissioned paintings and trying to sleep off this headcold. This morning though, we went to the local markets and I managed to find a few cool things: 

My favourite story "The Magic Faraway Tree" as well as some other Enid Blyton stories with some really beautiful illustrations - I'll share more of those later.

A cute owl for $2!

Some cute handmade hair clips for Miss 3.

 I hope you all had a good weekend! :)



  1. wow Jaz, that' so cool! Sounds like a brilliant night and well worth attending. Can I say you look amazing, the photo of all three of you with your winning artwork is a stunner. Love the works behind you. I'm off to have a look at all the links now.

    The owl is wonderful, is it a trinket box?

  2. Glad Tracey said you look amazing cause I think you do too and it might have sounded a bit creepy if I said it on my own... nice print and I loved the Magic Faraway Tree so much... some of my fondest memories are of that book... fight that head cold xx


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