Friday, October 21, 2011

Two new original paintings!

Friday night is here again. I've had Miss 3 home with me all week, because she had fevers last weekend and then proceeded to break out in a (light) rash on her belly and back. At first I thought maybe Chicken Pox, but on later inspection my Mum thinks it's German Measles. In any case, she seems to feel fine, I'm just worried about her being exposed to anyone.

This afternoon I finished two new paintings that I've been working on over the past few days. The first one is "Peachy Butterfly Fairy", a small-ish painting (9" x 5") - which is up for auction on eBay ending next Friday night. It features a brown eyed fairy, with peachy coloured wings on a patterned red background:

"Peachy Butterfly Fairy"

The 2nd painting is one that I'm loving at the moment. It features an angel with dark pink eyes, having a little birthday celebration for her birdy friend (if you look closely you'll see the bird is wearing a party hat!). Of course there's a few lemons, flowers and an octopus thrown in for good measure...

"Birdy has a Birthday"

 The original is up on eBay for $169 (or $159 for Facebook Fans). There are also 2 print sizes available:


I'm trying to find some good podcasts to listen to while I paint. Today I listened to a couple on CraftyPod, which were pretty interesting. I managed to set Miss 3 up with some paints and a book, and I got a good chunk of time in painting and listening..

If anyone knows of any good podcasts relating to art, working from home, or mummyhood - or preferably ones that combine all three - I'd love to know!


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