Wednesday, November 9, 2011


*Yawn* I'm a bit tired - I stayed up way too late last night painting, and it somehow slipped my mind that I have a 3 year old to wake me up nice and early. Anyway, hopefully nothing a cup of tea won't fix.

I was pleasantly surprised to notice this morning that I have cracked the 600 'likers' mark on my Facebook page! How awesome! So, as with every 100 followers I get - I give away 3 art prints to random fans. I pick the numbers via so that it's fair and this time the winners are...

#71 - Roetiby Beezley, #372 - Samantha Lawrence and #560 Leah-rose moonshine. Congratulations! :)

For the last couple of days I've been working on finishing those 2 big commissioned paintings I've been talking about. Nearly there! I also have the Monthly Painters Challenge looming with only 6 days until the reveal and only a third of a painting done! Eeeek...

In other exciting news - some of my 8x10" art prints are now being stocked at Cultiver in Ipswich, Qld!

 Here's hoping for a productive Wednesday.



  1. I come from Tracey Potter blog and I love your art.


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