Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day - Feb 29th

A while ago I entered a competition on the Mums on the Go blog to my surprise I won a gorgeous Love Lines necklace by UberKate! I seriously LOVE UberKate's designs - you know how much I love silver. And to top it off - you can personalize them any way you like, so each one is different! As you can see in the photo - I got my daughter's name and her birthdate. I'm so excited it's here!

In other exciting news - we went to GOMA on the weekend and checked out the "Yayoi Kusama" and "We Miss You Magic Land" exhibits. Both were really fun. 

Installation of ‘we miss you magic land!’
"We Miss You Magic Land" by Pip and Pop

The magic land exhibit is mostly made of SUGAR! Except you can't eat it. Probably just as well - we all know what happened in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

My favourite part of the Yayoi Kusama exhibit was the "Obliteration Room" - a room which started out completely white - (click here to see it in the beginning) - and as kids were given 1000's of stickers - it slowly turned into this:

There's a spot over here, and a spot over there....

Today I'm trying to work at finishing these paintings for the "Viva La Frida" show - which is only a bit more than a week away! I say 'trying' because with Miss 3 here there's always something calling me away. Here's a little sneak peek of the painting I'm working on though:

Happy Leap Day everyone!


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  1. lucky you on the win and how great is GOMA... cute photo of Miss A... can't believe the Frida exhibition is only a week away... get painting!!!!


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