Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines + Monthly Painters Challenge

Happy Valentine's Day for yesterday! I got spoilt - a nice dinner out, a long stemmed rose and how cute are these personalised chocolates!?

They read: "Jaz be my Valentine xo all my love Wade"

 Today is the reveal day for the "Monthly Painters Challenge". January's secret topic was "Micro/Macro". My mind drifted back to grade 9 science and looking at different cells under a microscope. One of my favourites was when we dyed the onion cells so we could see the nucleus. All I really liked was that we dyed them a cool pink/purple colour - that was the part I loved! I hated Science.

To be honest - I left it to the last minute this month. I've been focussing on my paintings for "Viva La Frida". But I sketched out some onion cells in my visual diary using acrylic paint, ink pen and watercolour pencils...
 Then I scanned it in and played around with some effects in photoshop and ended up with a digital print:

"Onion Mosaic"

If anyone is interested - I'm selling the "Onion Mosaic" prints (8x10")for the special price of $10 each. Just email me at if you would like one.

So there it is - January's Monthly Painters Challenge done and dusted! Now...back to painting...


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