Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter 2012 + Aquatic Mermaid


A belated 'Happy Easter' to you all! I hope everyone had a safe and happy time. We certainly had our fair share of chocolate. It's still taunting me (eat me!) from the kitchen as we speak...

We had a lovely long Easter weekend in Ballina.

Stuck in the usual holiday traffic.

The weather was absolutely beautiful every day (apparently the 1st Easter without rain in Ballina for over 7 years!). We had lots of visits to the beach, and it was even warm enough to swim! :)

Digging for Easter egg treasure in the sand!

 and Miss 3 also got to meet and ride her favourite pony - Romeo!

Now, I didn't even get a chance to create a blog post about the (finished) painting I was working on when I last wrote - I put the original up for sale and within a few hours it was sold! So here she is for you to see anyway...

"Aquatic Mermaid"

 There are prints available in two sizes! :)

Right now I've got a couple of new paintings in the works. One is nearly finished, so you'll see it very soon!


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