Tuesday, April 3, 2012

W.I.P + Green Juice.

Well poor Hubby has been sick with the flu over the weekend (and Monday), so instead of running around all weekend, I managed to get quite a bit of painting done. :)

At the moment I'm working on a new mermaid painting...

I started out sketching around in watered down paint...not sure at all what I was really doing with this painting!
I decided to turn the jellyfish into squid! Then I added in some more flower details and started adding a little bit of colour in...
Now I'm just working out exactly what detail I want in this painting - while adding in some colour so I can see where I want the shadows and light to go. It's definitely still a work in progress!

I'm going to continue working on this one today,plus another smaller painting I started last night. I always seem to have a few going at once!

Over the weekend we ate so much junk. You name it - Gloria Jeans iced chocolates (yum!), chips, pizza...we ate it.

So this morning I'm trying to redeem myself somehow by juicing anything green I could find in the fridge.

kale, silverbeet and apple (+ a bit of lemon).

As I'm writing this - I'm sipping on this green concoction. I must admit (even though I screwed up my face at the sight of it) it actually tastes quite nice! Plus, I'm hoping it will keep Hubby's nasty flu germs away.

Anything this green must be good for you, right?

Ok, I better go get some wholesale orders ready - and then I'll be working on that mermaid! :) I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!



  1. Hey Jaz, I hope your Wade gets better soon, and you stay free from the flu. Marko and I had the nasty flu last weekend-into the week, it took me until Friday to recover to a stage I could be useful and feel almost normal. Great WIP and that green juice looks like it's full on lots of good nutrients! Stay well. xx

    1. Thanks Tracey! Glad that nasty flu bug has gone! :)

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