Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moths & Bats & Fairies - oh my!

Despite plans to relax and do nothing, we ended up having a busy weekend, filled with lots of little catch-ups and things which has been followed by a busy couple of days running errands, dentist appointments, being a Mummy, etc. So tonight I finally have a moment to follow up on some art stuff that has been happening!

Friday afternoon I finished off a new painting called "Io Moth Fairy". I started painting the fairy in, and I wanted to add in some moths with interesting patterns, and I thought these 'Io' moths were really cool because they have an 'eye' on their wings to trick predators into thinking they are watching them! Pretty clever. It was fun painting their colourful wings, and I'll definitely be adding some more moths to my paintings in the future. I must admit though - big (alive) moths freak me out. Why does a moth freak me out when a butterfly doesn't? Well - it's the 'flittyness' of them. They're unpredictable. They flit and flutter and dive at you when you're least expecting it. I still think they're amazing to look at up close (though preferably behind glass or dead).

Io Moth Fairy
"Io Moth" original painting

It turns out "Io" moths are nocturnal - and co-incidentally today I finished off a bigger (30cm x 40cm) painting I've been working on over the last week - called "Nocturnal Moon". This one features a bat winged girl, with big purple eyes and flowers in her hair...

Nocturnal Moon
"Nocturnal Moon"

 The original painting has already sold! But never fear, there are still "Nocturnal Moon" prints available here.

My little studio under the stairs is starting to get very a tiny bit messy - so I'm auctioning off some paintings over the next week or so. See the auctions here!

 I should be going to bed, but there's still so much to do. How is it 10pm already?



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