Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Seahorse Princess"

Today was the reveal day for April's "Monthly Painters Challenge". Between April 15th and May 15th we had to paint something in the theme of "Opposite Colours" (the topic is top secret until the reveal - only the artists know what the topic is each month).

I started sketching out a mermaid piece, and decided to add in a couple of seahorses - which continued to breed on my canvas into 5 seahorses! I just love those weird little sea creatures. It was as if the seahorses just "swarmed" in around her! I wasn't sure what colours to go with at first, but with the obvious choice of blue for the ocean background, I decided to give the mermaid and seahorses a vibrant orange colour. It just seemed fitting that with all of her adoring seahorse friends, she be crowned the "Seahorse Princess".

"Sea Princess" Original Painting
Side View

The original painting is up on eBay for $165 (or $160 for Facebook fans - just write 'Sold' under the photo of this painting in my "Available Original Paintings" album). 

If the original is out of your price range, there's always prints available:


Now I'm off to give Miss 3 a bath...and make dinner. :)


  1. She is spectacular and I love the sea horses especially... there is great movement and perfect colour as always...xx

    1. Thanks so much Tracey! I loved your entry too. As always!


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