Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Cara: The Innocent"

It's a cold, rainy day here today. Perfect weather for painting and sipping cups of tea. I've got Miss 3 here with me, and it gets a little bit tough after a few days of rainy (stay inside) weather - but hopefully we've got enough episodes of 'My Little Pony' to tide us over...

 Yesterday I was excited to get some new postcard designs in! That makes a total of 11 designs now available in postcard packs. Each pack contains 4 high quality postcards + 4 white envelopes.

 I also wanted to share my latest original painting - "Cara". She is the second painting in my series called "The Innocents". I'm so glad I added freckles to her - I think they suit her perfectly! She looks so cute...but unsure about something?

She's painted on a wood panel, which is a bit different for me - I typically paint on canvas. I loved painting on this smooth wood though -  the brush just glides over the surface. Although, you have to work harder because the paint dries differently to the way it does on canvas, so it requires lots of thin layers.

"Cara: The Innocent" Original Painting

 I decided to put this one up for auction starting at just $10 - so everyone is in with a chance to own a piece of original art! You can view the auction HERE!

I haven't decided whether to add prints of her? What do you think?

Today I'm working on a new 8"x8" original canvas painting...

I've only just started sketching it out and laying down the shapes of the painting in a dark purple colour. I've started sketching in little details like a caterpillar and some ladybugs. I'm going to try to finish her off today, as well as start work on a big commissioned painting I've got in the works.

Happy Hump Day!


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