Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Special Framed Prints

This morning I've been busy getting print orders ready to send out today. The sun is also out - so I've been doing a couple of loads of laundry too. Miss 3 is also home, so I've been organising breakfast and puppet shows. Quite the multi-tasker!

Yesterday I listed some special framed prints on my Facebook page. A lot of them were snapped up quickly - but there are still a few left! Unfortunately Facebook have started charging businesses to show their status updates in newsfeeds - so a lot of my fans haven't even had a chance to see them. 

Here are the links to the photos:
Only "Alice in Wonderland Triptych" left.
These 5x7" framed prints are both available!
"Hippie Princess" and "Frida and The Watermelon" are still available.

I'm hoping to get some actual painting done this afternoon! For now though, I think I should get out of my pj's before we go to the post office...


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