Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"No Reflection"

This week so far I've been struck down with the flu! Bleh. :(

I am managing to get some work done though. Yesterday I posted my painting for the Monthly Painters Challenge. This month's secret topic was "Reflection". I immediately thought of a mirror (an obvious choice!) - but then I thought it might be a nightmare trying to get the placement of the facial features right with someone looking in a mirror (kudos to Natasha White!). So then I thought "Hey! I'll paint a vampire! They don't have a reflection!" GENIUS.

No Reflection
"No Reflection" Original Painting

 The original is up on eBay for $69 or if you buy through the MPC Facebook page, it's only $60 - just type "sold" and your email address in the comment field of the picture.

There are also 8"x10" prints available HERE

Luckily, Hubby has been really helpful while I've been sick - making dinner, doing laundry etc while also working crazy hours, so I'm incredibly thankful for that!

 In other exciting news - I got hair feathers! hehe. This photo is just a quick shot that I took on my phone a few minutes ago - not the best lighting, sorry.

I've grown feathers!

You can do anything with them in your hair - still wash it normally, brush it, straighten it and even dye it. They last around 4 months.

Today I have Miss 3 at home, so in between panadol (for me), making food, dodging toys and watching puppet shows - I will be working on that big commissioned painting I have been talking about, the one all in monochrome (black, white and grey). It's BIG - 30"x40" (72cm x 101cm) - so it's taking up most of my little studio under the stairs. When people knock at the door I have to say "Hang on, I'm just behind this big canvas!"

Happy Hump Day!


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  1. your painting is adorabubble!!and so are those feathers. what a cool idea. after fighting my flu for 2 weeks i finally went to the doctor and day 3 of antibiotics and i am starting to feel normal again...boy oh boy it wipes you out.
    hope you feel better soon.


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