Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween + New Painting!

Happy Halloween

Ok, Halloween was actually yesterday here in Australia - but it's still Halloween for some of my Northern Hemisphere friends.We took Miss 4 trick or treating last night with some friends, but we made the rookie mistake of going after dinner, and everyone was out of lollies! Every year Halloween seems to be getting bigger and bigger here in Oz, and this year the trick or treaters were out in full force - no one expected the numbers they got! So my tips for next year peeps: 

1) Stock up. It won't matter if there's some left over :) 

2) Trick or Treat early. That is, somewhere between 5:30 - 7pm. Seriously though - some people aren't even home from work at that time? Maybe we should just make it a public holiday.

3) Leave something outside (ie. a balloon, or a jack-o-lantern) to let trick or treaters know they are welcome. Otherwise, if you would prefer not to be disturbed, leave your lights off.

 It's lots of fun!

 Today I've been working on a painting that I started back in August for the Monthly Painter's Challenge topic "Insect". (My Husband accidentally read the topic as "Incest"...which was a bit of a worry, but that's a whole other story!). Half way through painting it, I got an influx of commissioned paintings and didn't get to finish it until now. So this is what I would've submitted back in August. She is called "Fairy of the Insects"

Fairy of the Insects Side
"Fairy of the Insects" Original Painting

If the original is sold or out of your budget, there are also 8x10" prints available. :)

I'm very excited to see that I've now reached over 900 Facebook fans! I will be drawing out 3 random fan names to send free prints to. Stay tuned...


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