Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hello Summer & Christmas time in Brisbane, Australia!

Today is 34.6C/94.2ºF and humid.

I am now 6 ½ months pregnant, so keeping cool is a bit of a priority at the moment! We only have one room in our house with air-conditioning which we can venture to if we need it. Otherwise, I am working in my little studio under the stairs and Miss 4 is cooling off in her kiddy pool. "Icy drinks please Butler!"

I wouldn't have it any other way though. Oh, actually, I wouldn't say no to full air-conditioning throughout. And a Butler.

I just finished packing up my last commissioned painting with an Xmas deadline. It's off to Florida, USA. Hope it travels quickly and safely!
A big 30" x 40" painting wrapped and ready for it's trip overseas!

I'll post pics of the finished painting once I get the ok from the client. It's a Christmas present! :)

 I think I've also managed to finish my Xmas shopping. I did some online (a time saver!) and braved the local Westfield a couple of times to finish it off. I also got my 2013 diary yesterday!! I know, in an age where you can have an iPad, laptop, phone, etc, you don't need a paper diary, but I just can't be without one. I get such a thrill out of my new diary each year! What a stationery nerd.

I had the 2012 Frankie Diary this year:

2012 Frankie Diary - $26.95 from frankiepress.com.au

which I loved, but the 2013 was very similar, and I wanted a change...

 Kikki K had some contenders...but nothing 'grabbed' me. Except for their planner stickers - which I just had to have!

Life's Little Stickers
"Life's Little Stickers" $3.95 from Kikki K

In the end I went with a fluro coral pink diary from Typo. When else am I going to own a fluro diary? I'm only 28 and it's 2013! The picture really doesn't do it justice.

"Fluro Pink 2013 Buffalo Diary" from Typo

 I can't wait to get stuck in to it!
The markets on the weekend have been fun, I've met loads of talented people. My last one is this Friday - Chandler Xmas Twilight Market, from 2pm-9pm, at the Sleeman Sports Centre, Chandler, QLD.

Should be a great night. I hope to see you there!


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