Friday, February 15, 2013

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

A belated 'Happy Valentine's Day' to you for yesterday (or today for my American friends!). Hubby came home with a long stemmed rose, chocolate (for Miss 4 and I) and a really beautiful card. So spoilt. 


So in the theme of love, here are 5 things that I'm loving right now.

#1 - Watching our garden grow. A couple of weekends ago we planted some flower seeds in a patch of dirt in our backyard. The back 2 rows are giant sunflowers, the middle row is pansies (my fave), and the rest are sprinklings of "cottage garden mix" - a surprise! Who knows what will pop up? 

Week 2 - starting to see sprouting!

#2 - Baking. I'm no Nigella Lawson, but occassionally I have a go at baking with Miss 4. I remember my Mum making jam drops when I was little, and so we gave it a try with this recipe I googled. They turned out pretty good for a 1st go!

#3 - A blind date with a book. For Valentine's Day, my local library are lending out books in a stapled brown paper bag. The books are selected by the library staff, and you can't open it until you've taken it home. They described it as "a blind date that won't complain if you don't take it out again". haha.

I got a book called "Paving the New Road". Seems interesting...

#4 - The colour yellow. I've never been one to wear yellow. Ever. It doesn't suit my skin tone, and always washes me out. However lately I've been drawn to it everywhere, and I even bought a bright yellow dress which I love wearing! I think it's pregnancy delusion. Is that the sun? A giant lemon? No's me!

Bump buddies! Me @ 34 weeks, my friend @ 39 weeks.
The nursing pillow I bought in "Clementine" yellow.

 #5 - New art supplies. Yesterday I stocked up on a few new art supplies at Riot. Up until Sunday (17th Feb) they are giving you $30 of free paintbrushes (any style!) when you buy $30 worth of paint. Easy!!

Time to go try them out...

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