Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Buzzing Blossom


Well today it's been Miss 4 and I at home, spending time inside mostly because it's been sprinkling rain outside. Great weather to paint. Miss 4 has been working on Valentine's Day artwork.

Work in progress by Miss 4

Thank you to Mer Mag for the idea! We didn't have a stamp pad handy, so we used acrylic paint and the end of a paintbrush instead.

Meanwhile, I managed to finish off a new original painting. For those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen some 'in progress' pics of this. I named her "Buzzing Blossom".

"Buzzing Blossom"

"Buzzing Blossom" Original Painting - Side View

I had fun painting the little bees in this one. The colour palette is mainly blues and browns, and it has sort of a 'vintage' feel about it. 
You can find the original painting for sale HERE. *Update* The original has now sold, but there are still prints available HERE.

Now I'm thinking about what I should make for dinner. The monotony of making dinner each night really gets tiring after a while. Some days I'm in to it, other days I wish for a personal chef. Haha. One day!


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