Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Storms, sneak peeks & sale prints...

Well the weather last weekend did indeed get quite wild! It's probably the strongest wind (and on and off rain) I've ever slept through. We had Miss 4 in our bed with a temperature, the winds ROARING outside, the sound of big gumtree branches cracking, oh, and being 33 weeks pregnant I was getting up to go to the bathroom every 3 hrs. So really, not much sleep was had at all. 

It may sound like I'm complaining, but I'm really grateful we weren't in the thick of it like some Queenslanders who were flooded in, with severe damage to their homes, and even lives lost. The most damage that was done to our place was our side fence fell down.

A photo of our fence taken from our neighbours side.

This past week I've been busy with print orders and working on a piece for the upcoming Annual Logan Tattoo and Art Exhibition (16th March 2013, Acacia Ridge Hotel, Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, QLD, Australia). I've finished one painting so far, and plan on doing a few more to debut at the exhibition. Here's a sneak peek of the one I've been working on:

I realised the other day that I still have a pile of prints that are signed and dated '2012' - they are perfect prints on glossy archival paper, all packaged and ready to go, and I'm selling them out for only $8 each! (They are normally $12.99).

I simply need to clear up some space in this little studio under the stairs!

Back to painting I go...


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