Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3 new paintings!

On Saturday I debuted 3 new paintings at the Annual Logan Art & Tattoo Exhibition. Unfortunately I couldn't make it there myself (due to being about to pop!), but overall I heard the show was a success. :)

I was able to go pick up my paintings today and now they are available to purchase! They are the original paintings and I've listed them HERE.

"Siren of the Seabed" Painting
"Siren of the Seabed" Original Painting

It features a beautiful big eyed mermaid who swims around the ocean floor. She finds all sorts of treasures and junk down there, including things that have fallen from pirate ships like skulls, swords, bottles and anchors. I even managed to sneak in an arm tattoo on this one! :)

 The original is $349, or there are 2 print sizes available:


The next one is a smaller one called "Blossoms and Butterflies"!
"Blossoms and Butterflies" Painting
"Blossoms and Butterflies" Original Painting

This one features a cute big eyed fairy with orange butterfly wings! She has little monarch butterfly friends flying around her and little cherry blossoms falling from the sky. I had fun painting this size and I plan on doing some more in this skinny style soon! :)

and last but not least, is the next installment in my 'zodiac series'. This one is ARIES!

"Aries" Painting
"Aries" Painting

This big eyed Aries girl has the horns of the Ram (the symbol of Aries), and she is wearing a ruby necklace (just one of the Aries birth stones) which has the 'V' symbols intertwined in the jewellery. She is surrounded by thorny shrubs and flowers that represent the starsign - honeysuckles, geraniums and sweet peas. In the background you can see the ruling planet of Mars against a firey background (Aries being a fire sign).

 The original painting has sold in the time it's taken me to write this post (!), but there are 2 print sizes available:

 Our baby #2 is due any day now. I wonder if they will be a Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20) or an Aries (Mar 21 - April 20)?

Oh...and of course here's a little garden update. The flowers we planted in our backyard have started standing up a lot better now that the rain has stopped. I probably should stake them, but I couldn't be bothered so I'm just letting them grow any way they want to.

Week 6 from planting seeds.
 It's looking rather wild at the moment. The giant sunflowers are going great - the biggest is 85cm! No flowers yet, so I still have no idea what I've planted mostly. I do know there are some pansies in there (my fave!), but the rest is a cottage garden mix - could be anything! :)

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