Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello Monday.'s only Monday and yet I'm feeling tired...and the new baby isn't even here yet! A couple of weeks to go...

On the upside - I've been busy getting a ton of print orders ready and sent out today from my "1000 likers sale" over the weekend. Thank you again for liking my Facebook page! :)

I was excited (and confused) to recieve a parcel in the mail this week from I hadn't bought anything from them? Had I? 

Then to my surprise I opened it to see that I had won their "Mum and Bub Elmo Underwear Competition!" So now I've got some cute Elmo undies and some headbands for bub (if bub is infact a girl?). I did recieve 3 headbands but Miss 4 has already scored one for herself :)
Thanks! :)

 Ok, hopefully that's the last time you ever see my undies on the internet.

Art wise, I've been busily getting paintings ready for the Annual Logan Tattoo and Art Exhibition that is coming up on March 16th at the Acacia Ridge Hotel. Unfortunately I won't be able to be there in person, but I will have some new original paintings debuting there for show and purchase! Top secret at the moment though...

Here in Brisbane we've had rain, rain and more rain lately. My poor sunflowers (and other assorted flowers but I'm not sure what they are yet) are getting a bit knocked about!

Week 4 from planting seeds.

That's all for now. I promise to update with some new art pics soon!



  1. Ha! Cute undies! :D

    How crazy is the rain. My mum was saying it still hasn't stopped! Hopefully it lets up soon!

    1. Hehe thanks! Yes the rain was crazy! We've finally had some clearer weather and I've managed to (kind of) get my washing basket under control! I'm loving reading about your adventures in Israel. :)


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