Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Winter Dreaming" and Waiting... 
I am a ticking time bomb right now. Baby #2 was due somewhere between March 12 and 22nd (I have no idea how the dates can be so far out, but hey, that was the verdict). Today is March 24th. Does this make me 2 days overdue, or 12 days? I don't know. I actually hate this 'due date' thing we do! It's all just an estimate anyway, right? Designed to drive pregnant women crazy!

I am starting to go a bit loopy with anticipation. I am happy for baby to arrive when they are ready, but I'm getting a bit fed up with the unknown, and the impending induction talk. And before you ask - yes, we've tried everything. Except castor oil. That's just asking for trouble.

 So, while we are is a new fairy painting that I finished last night. This one is called "Winter Dreaming". It's quite appropriate for me because I've always wanted to have a snowy Winter. Unfortunately that's not going to happen in Brisbane, Australia anytime soon, so perhaps that's why she's dreaming about it.

"Winter Dreaming" Painting
"Winter Dreaming" Original Painting

For now, it's time to enjoy Sunday with my family, and try not to think about when, where or how Baby #2 is going to arrive...

Have a nice weekend! :)


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