Friday, April 19, 2013

Mum of 2.

Just a quick blog post today, because I have a sick Miss 4 :( She seems to have a tummy bug. I'm really getting a feel for what it's like to be a Mummy of 2 now. Today I have 2 babies wanting cuddles! 4 is still considered a baby right?

I'm missing painting terribly. Last night when both kids were asleep, I even pulled out a canvas and started sketching up a piece that I've had in my head. 15 minutes later Baby A woke up and wanted to be fed, but it was fun while it lasted.

In the very rare moments now that I do get a minute to do 'work stuff', I'm answering emails, getting print orders ready, and doing paperwork, which doesn't leave any time for actually putting paint to canvas. Slowly but surely I will make time for it though.

Our sunflowers have bloomed in our backyard! They blossomed a couple of weeks ago actually, so they're kind of starting to wilt! Still waiting on the other flowers though...

We grew this!

 It's Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend! x


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  1. Hi Jaz, sounds like you are holding up extremely well. And the fact you dont seem to get angry that baby wakes up when you just get started is a really good thing. I know what it is like to miss painting (I somewhat have the feeling now with Lil Miss 3 who no sooner you start her on an activity see is done which doesnt allow any 'you' time. Good that you can still focus on other areas of the business. Hopefully this baby is as good for you as number one sounded.


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