Thursday, May 30, 2013

TGIT!'s all a mix of mummyhood with a dash of painting at the moment. By a 'dash' I would say - 1-2 hours of painting time a day. Between swimming lessons, meal making, breastfeeding, preschool drop off and pick ups, nappy changes, grocery shopping, doctors appointments, etc there is just enough time in the day to get print orders ready and posted - and that's about it for my art business.

Sometimes of an evening when both kids are asleep (a miracle in itself!), I might get a couple of blissful painting hours in. In these hours I'm currently working on some big paintings for the upcoming "Once Upon A Time" Exhibition in August. They are top secret for the sorry no pics just yet! ;)

Instead, I will show you this awesome purse my Mumma bought me today! How cool is it?

I'm inLOVE with it.

Today is "Friday" for me (even though it's only Thurs) because Hubby is now off work for a 4-day weekend to celebrate his 30th birthday!! I'm so excited!

Happy "Friday" everyone!


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  1. You are super mum! I'm astonished you get any painting done at all with all that's on your plate each day. Well done.

    Have a wonderful long weekend of celebrations.


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